New QLab Product is launched

As the development features of the 3rd generation chamber, QLab has currently launched a monitoring system called QLab Monitoring System (QMS)

QLab Monitoring Systems (QMS) is a comprehensive system that responsible for controlling all of your existing hardware, networks, and software in order to analyze their operation and performance and to detect and alert about possible errors. 

QLab 3rd generation controller with software Wonderware InTouch + PC server plus Access Anywhere + internet is used in the development of this technology to monitor your infrastructures, applications, devices and all of its components.

The systems have a modular design, which allows it to be configured to fulfill various requirements for monitoring and controlling system.

The users also have the option of adding automation tasks (e.g. cooling system control, blower & fan control, automatic voltage regulation, etc.) to our monitoring systems.

QLab Monitoring System/QMS is easily be applied to the wired and wireless connection among your devices, infrastructures, applications, and services

In regards a monitoring system, QLab provide a reliable monitoring, recording and alarming system that collects accurate data, without gaps and errors, and ensure that the data maintains its integrity for its lifecycle.