PT. Bayer Indonesia’s Walk-in Test Chamber – New

The construction of the third walk-in chamber within PT. Bayer’s Project is finished.

The internal dimension is 3030mm W x 2500mm H x 4270mm D with a volume of 32.500 liters and under the long-term storage conditions at 30°C/75% RH.

All three of QLab Walk-in Climatic Test Chamber at PT. Bayer  Indonesia – Cimanggis Plant has the same features as the previous project for two units of the walk-in climatic test chamber, otherwise, at this new project, all chamber are connected to PT. Bayer’s Building Automation System (BAS). The QLab chamber features an LCD display and provides a diverse range of functions with user-friendly operation.

In term of performance quality and support, QLab understands how important test chamber reliability and dependable hardware are for test processes and overall project time hence QLab technical team are always there to help and spare part stock are ready to maintain  climatic test chamber in the optimum condition

The settlement of the recent project can be taken into your consideration that QLab is the best in the Walk-in Test Chamber market in Indonesia.