QLab Chamber 3rd Generation

The development in the mid of 2018, QLab has designed and created a new version of the chamber (Walk-in Climatic Test Chamber and Climatic Test Chamber). We name it QLab Chamber 3rd Generation that enables the User to control and monitor their chamber thoroughly with the third generation controller incorporated with Wonderware Software and a server + Internet.  All data visualization can be seen via a one-stop and large monitoring display of QLab Large Touch-Screen.

The aims of engineering and application of chamber 3rd Generation is to facilitate the Customer’s interaction with industrial automation systems also help to prepare for compliance the more stringent future regulations of centralized electronic data recording and reporting.

QLab offers Two Optional Chamber Selections which tailored to suit your specific requirements, are representative of the versatility and high-technology levels achieved by QLab in the field of product stability testing.

Selection 1:  3rd Generation Controller + Wonderware Software + Access Anywhere + Server + Internet

Selection 2:  3rd Generation Controller + Rotronic Logger + HW4 Rotronic Software + Internet

Our Team is always ready to assist you in determining which selection chamber that suit your requirement the most.

Just drop your email or call us to find out more about the features and plus points of each selection.