Line of Business

PT. QLab Kinarya Sentosa is the manufacturer of various laboratory equipments such as stability chamber, stability room, precision refrigerator, automatic pipette rinsing, water purification system, shaker, stainless steel sare, etc , offers a complete and comprehensive way to improve product quality testing.

As a series manufacturer, that was established in 2002, we carry out all stages of production in our own factory in Bekasi, West Java – Indonesia and can therefore guarantee you consistent durability and quality.

We are the only Indonesian company which has been manufacturing humidity and temperature controlled chamber and room that uses Intelligent Control System (ICS) for much better performance and excellence distribution.

As QLab’s core business is in producing humidity and temperature instruments, we are also affiliating with Rotronic Asia in supplying related humidity and temperature instruments and parts to all of our customers.

Rotronic offers a comprehensive range of humidity instruments: transmitters, data loggers, indicators, probes, sensors and humidity generators for the measurement and calibration of relative humidity, dew point, water activity and other humidity parameters.

Rotronic as the expert of Measument Solutions in humidity and temperature has appointed QLab as Indonesian Dealer, who authorizes to carry out sales and marketing activities, installation, calibration services, and after-sales services for products of Rotronic.

Apart from humidity and temperature testing instrument filed, QLab has also enlarged its business of supplying force and torce testing equipments under the world class brand of Mecmesin.

A leading designer and manufacturer of force and torque test equipment for 35 years, “Mecmesin” offers precision test instruments and systems that are accurate, reliable and excellent value for money.

Mecmesin – Asia also has chosen PT. QLab Kinarya Sentosa as Distributor for Indonesian market since July 2010. We handle sales activities, installation and after-sales services for Mecmesin products.


Started in 2002, with the name of CV. Equindo LabKinarya Sentosa, the Founder had designed the company to sell general laboratory equipments and other humidity & temperature measurement instruments.

Besides selling, we were committed to do product repair for our clients as well. It then brought us the idea to make research of developing the product by our own during the second year operations.

Finally in 2004, we launched our first stability chamber with on – line logging, 2 units, which were bought by PT. Bayer Indonesia (formerly PT. Roche Indonesia). Since then, we have constantly dealt with various product manufacturing not only in humidity & temperature basis instrument but also in some other related products and services.

We were shifting from being a Distributor who market and promote other company’s product to a Manufacturer of specific brand, ‘QLab’. We keep working on our best for a sustainable innovation and updated technology to match our clients needs.

During the prosperous years, we increase and expand our product range by designing and developing the pipette rinsing, refrigerator, shaker, water purification system, and stainless steel ware, etc.

We have been producing and enhancing the stability chamber with off – line logging, with photo stability and with central alarm system. We also modified our reference sample cabinet with and without recorder.

From 2004 up to present, We have been selling our own products; regular stability chamber more than 150 units. In addition to the sales of other QLab brand product more than 200 units in total.

Fulfilling one of our customer requests, we succeed in manufacturing Two in One Freezing Chamber. Most of our products Users are the foreign investment pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food companies in Jakarta/Jabodetabek, Banten, Bandung, Solo, etc. We have been servicing more than 60 loyal company’s customers up to present.

Since 2007 we have been moving to our own office, QLab Building in Pondok Gede as our head office to run our business operations and to maintain some workshops in other location.

By the more increasing volume sample to be tested and analyzed in a laboratory division in a pharmaceutical company, we have received many requests for designing and constructing the larger size of stability chamber to accommodate huge volume samples. We called it QLab Stability Room.

Thanks to the hard work of QLab Team, QLab had completed the construction of 2 units stability rooms at PT. Bayer Indonesia – Cimanggis Plant in September 2011. Each room capacity was 40,000 liters which were operated under temperature and humidity condition of 20-45°C / 50-85%rH.

Again, in 2016 PT. Bayer Indonesia – Cimanggis Plant for the second time trusted PT. QLab Kinarya Sentosa to re-construct another 3 units of stability room. Each capacity of those units is 32,000 liters under the same setting condition as previous room.

The latest is in February 2017 PT. Pyridam Indonesia Cianjur’s factory – West Java trusts QLab to build one unit of stability room – capacity of 36,000 liters, under setting condition of 20-45°C / 50-85%rH.