Mecmesin Product Services

Local Service for Local People

Our customers are supported by a global network of over 45 committed and well established distributors.

All of our global networks of Distributors are fully trained by our experienced factory staff to calibrate and maintain Mecmesin products. This means that you have the local support you need, when you need it, in your own language.

Calibration Services

When you buy a test system, machine, gauge or sensor from Mecmesin via PT. QLab Kinarya Sentosa, you can be sure that it has been manufactured to the highest possible standards. It will also have been calibrated in our dedicated climate-controlled calibration facility by well-trained and experienced staff.

All Mecmesin factory calibrations are calculated according to the methods described in ISO 17025, and our procedures, which meet the requirements of BS EN 10012, are audited as part of our ISO9001 accreditation. Therefore, calibration at Mecmesin provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your instrument is measuring accurately.

Any measurement transducer though, requires regular verification and, if necessary, recalibration. Only specialist Mecmesin staff, either at our factory or our distributors facilities, can calibrate or adjust Mecmesin products to bring them back into calibration. Whether you require ad-hoc fast-track calibration on a single gauge or a 3 year service and calibration programme on multiple machines, we can tailor an agreement to suit your needs.


All Mecmesin products come with a comprehensive 2 year warranty so in the extremely unlikely event of anything going wrong, Mecmesin promises to cover all costs of repair or replacement.