Successfully building more than one stability rooms with outstanding durability and quality at PT Bayer Indonesia, the QLab team re-assures their customers and prospects who are still looking for the best and most appropriate partners to build the stability room in their company.

 Our business growth has expanded enormously since 2016 as a result of development in stability room product sectors.

The settlement of recent project can be taken into our prospect’s consideration. We have just completed the stability room construction at PT. Pyridam Indonesia –  Cianjur’s Factory. The room internal dimension is 5930 mm wide, 2600 mm deep and 2500 mm high. The room with a volume of 36,000 liters has been starting its operation since June 2017 under a setting condition of 30°C / 75%rH.

 And the latest QLab’s project will be launched soon is constructing one unit of stability at PT. Promedrahardjo Farmasi Industri – Sukabumi – West Java in July 2017. Internal room dimension is 5714 mm wide, 2750 mm deep and 2500 mm high has 39,000 liters volume.

The specification for the environmental temperature is ± 30° C and relative humidity is ± 75%.

Having the experience to manufacture high-quality stability room & other temperature and humidity basis products, our skilled team is committed to being able to offer fast, thorough and reliable solutions for extremely diverse problems and requirements that meet our customers’ needs exactly.

QLab assures you to maintain a good price-performance ratio with high-quality standards products.

We keep improving our knowledge technology, our service &  our performance to enhance the level of customers satisfaction from time after time.