Our Customer

Whereever you visit the major pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, especially foreign investment pharmaceutical companies in Java Island, you will find the existance of our testing instrument in their QA or R&D lab.

Notable pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia such as PT. Bayer Indonesia, PT. Glaxo Smith Kline, PT. Otto Pharmaceutical Industries, PT. Abbott Indonesia, PT. Guardian Pharmatama, PT. Bristol Myers Squibb Indonesia and many other more are our loyal customers which using QLab temperature and humidity testing instruments.

Those pharmaceutical companies also have became the user of Mecmesin’s torque and force testing, the other testing product that QLab has been being represented since 2010.

As the Distributor of Mecmesin in Indonesia, QLab has been supplying to many customer in packaging, beverage, cosmetic, automative, pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies such as : PT. Tirta Investama (Aqua-Danone), PT. Aqua Golden Mississipi, PT. Tirta Fresindo, PT. Namasindo Plas, PT. Delta Pack, PT. Tirta Alam Segar, PT. CS2 Pola Sehat (OT Grup), PT. Mercedes – Benz Gunung Putri and many others.