QLab Product

QLab Stability Chamber – QL-Series


Throughly testing products prior to the customer use is vital to the success of your business.

Stability testing is an important part of drug, food & drink, cosmetic, polymer and other products evaluation and provides evidence of how the quality of a substance varies under a variety of environmental conditions.

Stringent requirements of stability testing demand a purpose designed chamber combining assured performance with minimal maintenance[…] Read More…

QLab Stability Room


QLab Stability Room is able to accommodate huge space and enable people walk-in to the chamber.

QLab is the first and only Indonesian company constructing stability room which provide customized volume and specification that use Intelligent Control System for much better performances and excellence distribution performance[…] Read More…

Precision Refrigerator


QLab Refrigerator is manufactured for microbiological purpose and preservation of medicine samples.

Features include :

  • Internal low temperature range 0ºC to 30ºC

  • No-frost system

  • Digital control for precise temperature[…] Read More…

Automatic Pippete Rinsing


QLab Automatic Rinsing helps customer to have a trouble-free and gentle cleaning of pipettes with repetitive siphon rinsing[…] Read More…

Water Purificaation System


QLab Water Purification System with reverse osmosis system produces purified water for general laboratory applications. It is ideal for laboratories which require medium volumes of purified water for many applications. QLab Water Purification System, QL 010 combines four purification stages into one unit; Pre-Treatment, Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Filtration, UV Lamp treatment and Post Mineralized[…] Read More…

Stainless Steel Ware


PT. QLab Kinarya Sentosa produces some stainless steel ware not only providing the QLab Stability Chamber needs but also to fulfill other laboratory needs. It made of high quality stainless steel grade 304, with 8% nickel composition, which required as the best raw material to manufacture general laboratory equipments/instruments[…] Read More…