QLab & Rotronic Product Service

  • Service

    1. Repair
    2. Maintenance
    3. Service Contract for maintenance
  • Range of service

    1 Qualification & Validation

    By qualifying and validating your stability test room, you can ensure that production and testing processes match to your requirements and standards.

    Qualification and validation performed with the customer; DQ/ Q/OQ/PQ checklists.

2 Calibration & Adjustment

  • On-site Calibration and AdjustmentHumidity and temperature probes are precision instruments that must be serviced regularly to maintain reliability.Calibration and adjustment of stability chamber probe can be done directly on the sensor.Multiple points calibration can be chosen to have precise measument.


  • We calibrate your probes by the following methods:
    • ROTRONIC calibration device and SCS-certified humidity standards
    • SCS-certified reference probes (reference measurement)

3 Mapping

The process of determining the temperature and humidity gradients within a controlled space that is within range ±5% for relative humidity and ± 2°C for temperature.

Mapping is conducted with multi- numbers of probe and of position configuration

QLab conduct mapping with loaded and unloaded condition room.

4 Software Service

Service for installing, up-dating and training software.

QLab uses HW4 Measurement System software from Rotronic which is probably the most comprehensively featured and user friendly package on the market today.

This software incorporates new, easy functions for the control, programming and recording of measured data acquisition for temperature chambers.

This software naturally complies with the specifications of FDA guideline 21 CFR Part 11, 21CFR 110, 21 CFR 210 and 21 CFR 211 regarding data security and validation of the overall system, and also meets the requirements for documentation that is GLP/GMP compliant.