QLab Stability Chamber -QL Series

Throughly testing products prior to the customer use is vital to the success of your business.

Stability testing is an important part of drug, food & drink, cosmetic, polymer and other products evaluation and provides evidence of how the quality of a substance varies under a variety of environmental conditions.

Stringent requirements of stability testing demand a purpose designed chamber combining assured performance with minimal maintenance.

To achieve this, QLab develop and produce the chamber with new design, which the exterior and interior are made of stainless steel for better construction and easier maintenance.

QL-series second generation chambers are equipped with Central Alarm System which will alert the user when occurred out of range of humidity & temperature value, low water feeding failure and when safety device is working.

With more standard features and better performance capabilities than comparable chamber in Indonesian market, QL-Series, prominent series chamber from QLab improve product through dynamic testing solution.

We concern to use the best air handling system for excellence distribution performance, to have internal circulation humidification system, electric humidity-temperature sensors, and data control system software which comply with 21 CFR part 11, so that all requirements of documentation and data archiving are perfectly fulfilled.


  • Exterior; stainless steel , designed to protect from shock and rust
  • Interior; stainless steel 304, 0.8 thickness
  • Rack; stainless steel with rod 6 mm diameter for frame and 4 mm for shelves
  • Variety of capacity option : 285, 500, 1365 and 2140 liters
  • Wide range of temperature/humidity application : 20°C – 45°C ( ± 2°C)/ 50 – 85%rH ( ± 5%rH) or other application
  • Software fully comply to FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and GAMP5, Features : data- logging, data storage, calculation of various humidity parameters, graphic functions
  • RJ45 (Ethernet) communication
  • Better Logging System : Online and Offline logging, completed with Internal memory 128 MB (saves 47,000 data records per MB card storage capacity)
  • Uninterruptible Logging for better documentation ; logging back up if power failure and logging back up if PC failure
  • Testing products safety device for overshoot temperature and electrical parts protection
  • Central Alarm System for alerting : when safety device is working, humidity/temperature value is out of range and low water feeding failure
  • Networkable Monitoring via RS485 serial communications with regular QLab Stability Chamber and other instrument up to 64 units
  • Qualification Document: IQ, OQ and PQ

Custom Solution

Can’t find an QL-Series chamber to match your exact testing requiremnt or to meet special performance requiremnts.?

QLab is proud to offer a fully customizable test chambers for you

We want you to get the chamber on the right size, design, specification and configuration that truly optimize your test resources, processes and goals.


  • Using heating element humidification system, steam injection, all types of water feeding (low low conductivity water 30 – 200 µS is recommended)
  • Using Switzerland Intelligent Control System to achieve excellent distribution performance (homogeneous and stabile) and energy consumption efficiency
  • Optimized air flow . Air flow is designed to evenly distribute air directly over the product. Direct air flow ensures the entire product is conditioned quickly
  • Using better refregeration package with refregerant R-410a (non -CFC)
  • Better Documentation with Uninterruptible Logging by a big capacity data logger completed with flash card memory of 128 MB. Available logging back up if power failure and if PC failure
  • Probe/sensor of room could be calibrated and adjusted with calibrator or multiple calibration with standard solution
  • Using advanced technology instruments with multi probes for some different points on distribution test; fast and perfect result
  • Loop validation
    1. Use simulator probe to verify both the digital and analog signal transmission
    2. Whenever the humidity and/or temperature signal is set to a fixed value, this is reported on the HW4 main screen (Current Values tab)
  • Networkable via RS-485 for monitoring and integrating up to 64 instruments (max cable 1000 m length), easier to monitor individual data, alarm and ogging system
  • More cost-effective for both unit and its operational