Service & Support

QLab understands how important test chamber/room reliability and dependable hardware are for your test processes and overall project time.
Even the shortest period of unintended downtime can cause major setbacks, big delays and result in missed revenue.
Hence, QLab team is focused on providing the best customer service in the industry.
We are committed to being there for you, to keep your chamber/room’s performance and safety throughout its operational lifetime.
QLab assures you a sustainable operation for a long period.
QLab technicians are available to assist with your equipment star-up, after-delivery-service, operation, troubleshooting, repair and preventive maintenace and calibration aggrements .
Well-trained manufacture technicians can solve all stability test chamber/room problems.

  • No matter what your service needs are, our technician are ready to help you over the phone or in person
  • Fast support and one day service (inner city customer), and ASAP departure subject  to air/land ticket availability (outer city customer)
  • Weekday and weekend availability for any unexpected emergencies