Stainless Steel Ware

PT.QLab Kinarya Sentosa produces some stainless steel ware not only providing the QLab Stability/Climatic Chamber need but also to fulfill other laboratories needs. It made of high quality stainless steel grade 304, with 8% nickel composition, which required as the best raw material to construct/make general laboratory equipment/instrument.

  1. Stainless Steel Baskets
    Medium weight and strong. Excellent for use in hot and cold applications. Have handgrips for easy carrying. Spot-welded construction with 6 mm frame size, and 1 mm wire mess. It is very ideal for putting sample collection in a good order into climatic/stability chamber or refrigerator.
  1. Stainless Steel Shelf
    It is medium weight and strong. Excellent for using in hot and cold applications. Spot-welded construction. With frame thickness 6 mm and As Ø 4 mm.
  2. Customized Ware
    QLab can also produce customized lab ware atau other related equipment made of stainless steel such as trolley, tray, bench etc.