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Wide range of test application

Force Test Systems

Mecmesin’s force testing products deliver solutions for a wide range of applications. Versatile universal testers, with a comprehensive choice of interchangeable grips and fixtures, perform tension and compression testing to numerous test standards across all industry sectors. Our dedicated systems meet the needs of specific test types with complete solutions optimised for focussed and efficient force testing. Data acquisition and analysis capability is provided by powerful software in our flexible PC-controlled models and easy to use touch-screen systems.

Whatever your requirement, there is a tester for you, bringing consistency and repeatability to your force testing.

Force Test Methods And Standards

  • Compression

Test types: ultimate compressive strength, break stress, single pellet crush, compressibility and recovery, short span compression, compressive hardness, compressive strength, flat crush (FCT), compressive deformation, pinch, push-off / push-out

  • Compressive burst

Test types: ball burst, bursting strength (sheet rupture), compressive burst

  • Compressive shear

Test types: lap shear under compression, double sandwich shear, compressive shear, laminates compressive shear stress, puncture shear, short beam shear strength

  • Flexure / bend

Test types: three-point bend, four-point bend, cantilever bend, circular bend, five point bend

Penetration resistance

Test types: needle penetration, cone penetration, penetration resistance

  • Puncture resistance
  • Top-load

Test types: top-load (column) crush, box crush (BCT), edge crush (ECT), ring crush (RCT)

  • Tensile strength and elastic modulus

Test types: ultimate tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation at break, yield point, tensile deformation, grab method (fabrics), strip method (fabrics)

  • Tear resistance

Test types: single rip (trouser) tear, double rip (tongue) tear, trapezoidal tear, wing tear (Winkelmann/Graves), Delft tear

  • Pull-off / pull-out

Test types: pull-off / pull-out, butt joint, parallel plate adhesion

  • Peel strength

Test types: 180 degree peel, 90 degree peel, climbing drum peel, floating roller peel, loop tack, peel wheel test, T-peel

  • Lap shear

Test types: shear in tension, laminates tensile shear stress, single lap shear, double lap shear

  • Friction

Test types: friction, static and kinetic


Torque Test Methods And Standards

  • Closure torque

Test types: removal torque, strip torque, incremental torque, bridge torque, reverse ratchet torque

  • Torque to turn

Test types: breakaway torque, running torque

  • Rotational shear

Test types: braking torque, rotational shear

  • Fastening torque


So whatever your test…

Closure torque Flexure / Bend Puncture resistance
Coefficient of friction Lap shear Tear resistance
Compression Peel / Adhesion Tensile strength
Compressive burst Penetration resistance Top-load crush resistance
Compressive shear Physiological strength Torque to turn
Fastening torque Pull-off / Pull-out  

… Mecmesin offers a solution that’s right for you!