Water Purification System

QLab Water Purification System with reverse osmosis system produces purified water for general laboratory applications. It is ideal for laboratories which require medium volumes of purified water for many applications. QLab Water Purification System, QL 010 combines four purification stages into one unit; Pre-Treatment, Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Filtration, UV Lamp treatment and Post Mineralized

Features include :

  • Produce aquadest, aquabidest, reverse osmosis (RO) and demineralized water
  • Product flow rate 10 liter/hour
  • Electrical requirement 50 W/210-230 V, 50/60 HZ
  • Modular design allows you to tailor water purity to your application needs
  • Removes > 99% of dissolved organics, particles, and microorganism and up to 99,9% of inorganic ions
  • Easy to change pre-treatment pack prevents scale formation
  • Compact design for wall or bench mounting