QLab Calibration Lab

Our KAN accredited Lab.


PT Qlab Kinarya Sentosa provides various calibration services for wide range Temperature and Humidity"

Climatic Test Chamber

Qlab Sets the Standard for Temperature and Humidity Calibration for Climatic Test Chambers, Any Brand, Anytime


Qlab's Expert Calibration Services Ensure Peak Performance for Your Thermohygrometer

Enclosure Calibration for Incubator

Qlab's Calibration Expertise Ensures Optimal Calibrations for Your Incubator,

Enclosure Calibration for Oven

We Perfectly Tune Any Brand with a Wide Temperature Range, for your Oven Enclosure Calibration

Enclosure Calibration for Refrigerator

Qlab Delivers Enclosure Calibration Brilliance for Refrigerators, Whether Ours or Any Other Brand. Experience Precision Across Every Temperature for your Refrigerator

Enclosure Calibration for freezer

Qlab Can Delivers Enclosure Calibration, Regardless of Brand. Experience Impeccable Precision Across Every Degree

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